Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5

You have done well in your career, made a good life for you and your family. It may be the case that you have started your own business and things are going great. Then one day to take a step back and realise that’s all you do. Your work is your life. When am I actually going to be in a position to live a little. This was me at the age of 37 working as an electrician running my own business. Busy all the time, constantly answering calls and booking in work. Makes you sound very successful right? I QUIT! Folded the electrical business and chose a different path. A path where I could have more time and freedom to live the life I wanted, not the life I had become comfortable with. This podcast describes all the challenges I faced in doing so. With interviews of other people who have done the same. My name is Ben Poulter and this is Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5. Helping Blokes Who want to get off the tools and have more time for themselves. Follow 🔽 Facebook -

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Friday Nov 04, 2022

What is the EMC (Entrepreneurs Marketing Conference) Marketing Event 
The group can be found here -
You want to better your life. We all understand that the people you surround yourselves with influence you in your life. 
So if you spend your time in the pub – you WILL become a drunk sooner or later. 
So you look for ways to better yourself. 
Maybe you find an event near you that promises to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, so why not? You check it out! 
MASSIVE SCAM! It turns out to be a complete waste of time. 
This has happened to me a few times. 
However I haven’t given up on attending a proper event where I can learn from entrepreneurs. I have discovered one in London. 
I plan to learn from the 24 speakers that are at the event. 
This seems silly to keep it all to myself too. I don’t plan to. I plan to share it all with you. Everything learnt at the event. 
All you need to do is be in the Break The Chains Group, which is completely free. 
I will be going live every evening to tell everyone what I learnt and answer any questions. 
What are you waiting for? Get in there now and learn from 24 amazing entrepreneurs who will be downloading their knowledge on me, so I can give it to you. Break the chains community 
Don’t forget to say hi when your on the inside.
The Confirmed Guests are  @Steven Bartlett   @The Diary Of A CEO   @Billy Gene Is Marketing  Sara DaviesMatt WilsonLisa Johnson @Daniel Priestley   @Alison Edgar MBE - motivational speaker and author   @Spencer Lodge   @Jon Penberthy  Tom BreezeGeorgia Kirke Josh Barney @Paul Abercrombie  James Burtt @Dawn McGruer   @James Sinclair   @Jordan Platten  Paul Murphy Katey McElroy @Craig Campbell SEO   @Baiju Solanki  Darin AdamsMatt Elwell

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

Attracting the right people to you and your business. 
You may thing that its best to attract everyone and anyone who is interested. Bad idea!
When you talk to everybody - you talk to nobody!
Get your hands on the downloads here
Imagine having a party and inviting all your friends, everyone there you know and like. They wouldn't be your friend otherwise right? 
How good would it be if these were the type of people you dealt with every day. 
These people who you attract into your life were the sort of people you got to be customers of yours. 
Then this podcast is for you. Learn how to attract the ideal customers into your business again and again. 
So much so you can choose to ignore the ones - you just don't vibe with. 

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

What do you value more? Money or Happiness.
Being happy is 10 x better then being rich.
In this podcast I talk about how you can be happier without having to depend on money to get your there.
So many people all over the world want as much money as they can in the pursuit of happiness.
MONEY is not the answer.
There is an unlimited amount of money supply in the world waiting to be spent.
Having happiness in your life is something you need to work on.
In order to be a happy person you need to understand what your aiming for. This podcast will help you figure that one out. 
Grab the FREE Download here. 
The video explaining on how to go about filling the boxes out in the spreadsheet below the video will help. 

Thursday Oct 27, 2022

100k a year Job. It sounds so hard to make. 
But its so simple for people like Liz Truss who managed it in 45 days. 
That's just a crazy true story of the mess of the UK government in 2022. 
How can you make 100k a year in a job? Earn 100k salary and beyond? 
In this podcast I go into detail of some simple ideas that you can put into motion today. 
Along with so many people in MY COMMUNITY who have broke the chains to a 9 to 5 job.
There are opportunities to get over 100k a year salary or even boost your income to up to a million pound. 
Real work that requires you to do something, not just show up for 45 days an claim £11500 from the UK people the rest of your life.
That’s a complete scam!
Having a job that pays £115k a year is a good wage. It will give you plenty of money to live a comfortable life and also put you in a good position for a good line of credit from the bank.
How can you earn that amount of money though? You could become Prime minister for 45 days in the UK. But if you want a real, more realistic way to earn money.
Here I will give you some better options to consider. Don't miss the last one – its so unbelievable its actually poop.
These examples I came across within 60 mins of research.
There are 1000s of opportunities out there. You just need to look.
I invite you to come join my community to see for yourself how people are breaking the chains to there 9 to 5.
Pop in and make sure to say hi

Saturday Oct 22, 2022

You can listen to the whole other podcast here Waste of time jobs
On the tools in a company, most of us aim to become off the tools one day.
This blog post is aimed more towards the trades men and women of the world.
If you know the term on the tools, it means you work with your hands – you’re a grafter!
I’m not sure if that’s a load of slang in the UK and you guys across the world will actually understand what I’m on about here.
On The Tools Employees and Off the Tools Employees
There are people who go out to the work in business and there people who work in the office, Doing the paper work.
If your out on site, you look at the guys in the office and see there job as easy – and aspire to be in their position one day.
That’s if you work your way up in the company.
You’re a good employee and get moved up to the next level as a reward.
This is something I did years ago. I worked for a electrical company on the tools doing the installs on site.
I always thought working in the office would be more glamorous and would earn me more money.
Possibly and easier life I suppose.
That’s what you work towards right?
An easy life and more money in the bank?
Well there was a lesson to be learnt from back then. I didn’t do anything about it at the time – but I see it so clearly NOW.
Got Off The Tools
😁I got that job in the office, planning the jobs on site, given the fancy company car and wearing a shirt to work.
This lasted a week! I was more mind numbing then watching paint dry.
I would have earnt less money working a 8 hour day instead of the 12 hours days I worked on the tools.
Needed A Plan B
So what did I do from there? I went ahead and started my own business where I did both and worked probably more then 12 hours days and made better money.
That is what I did for 20 years or more, I just got wrapped up in growing my electrical business thinking it was going to be the answer to a happy life.
I was happy, But dam I was always busy!
I never had time to sit back and think about the future.
Where did I want to be – what did I want to do.
Work hard and make plenty of money – that was the plan.
Spend it on nice things to make me look good in front of people who didn’t care what I had. 🤔
So many of us do this.
We want to put out an image of ourselves being this successful person who has all these luxury things.
At the end of the day these material things mean nothing!
Just like moving off the tools and into the office environment.
I’m not office kind of guy.
Sitting down for hours a day I get ants in my pants and want to move around.
I really just wanted to work in an office to look good.
Society respects a person in a shirt and tie more then a person with a sweaty t shirt and work boots.
When in reality there equal.
Or even in some company’s the person in the t shirt out on site doing the work actually keeps that business afloat!
If you are one of these people who are on the tools and aspire to be off the tools, the holy grail proof that you have made it.
Take a step back.
Ask yourself – Why? Where do you want it to go?
What are you looking to achieve for YOU, not anyone else.
Even consider the job you are doing. Some jobs are just pointless and leading your life nowhere.
But that’s a whole other podcast here Waste of time jobs
Check it out to help you figure out if your wasting your life and time.
Until next time😁

Thursday Oct 20, 2022

Waste of time JOB! The video is here - Jobs That Are A Waste Of Your Life and Time!
The book on how to start with Affiliate Marketing can be found here - The Iceberg Effect 

Working 9 to 5 Job Suck!

Monday Oct 17, 2022

Monday Oct 17, 2022

If you check out the same book I read HERE, see if 2 hours can help you break the chains to your 9to5 job.
9to5 Job, Its what we are all programmed to do, what we have been taught:
In schools
By our parents
Also seen everyone else do to earn a living.
Its been built into us so deep that so many people, including myself never even question if there is another way to make money.
A way that your not tied down to working 8 hours a day or even more in a lot of situations.
An option where you don’t have to dread waking up Monday morning and going into work to do the same 9to5 job you have done for the last 10 years.
Same shit different day!
This is just how I felt when I was working as an electrician fulltime for over 20 years.
Until I went looking for another option. They do say seek and ye shall find.
Well I found out there are 1000s of other options.
Everyone Is Becoming Wise To 9to5 Jobs
Lately all over the world I see so many people taking a step back from being involved in the common system of working a job.
Where people used to value the position they were in and have worked up to in a career. I think that they have taken a step back and looked at what’s important in their life.
Where a busy business man would be working 12 hours a day to provide for his family and give them everything they ever wanted, but the only thing he couldn’t give then was himself.
For the reason is that it came as a cost.
If he was to be home more often and spend more time around his family, he would suffer fanatically.
Then assume that his wife would want to be with him with out the louis Louis Vuitton hand bag, the kids would hate him because dad didn’t buy them the latest phone.
Is that a life you want to lead, buying the love of your family for material things?
I think that was maybe in the position I was in.
As an electrician I earnt good money.
Bought a 4x4 Audi Q7
Diamond earrings for the Mrs.
Latest phones for the girls
Brand new x box for the lad
I will admit, I bought everything that made my family smile and love me more.
When myself I was desperately looking for a way out.
A way to earn more money so I could take the dog for a long walk across the fields in the daylight with out having 101 things on my mind to do when I got home.
These days all the Christmas presents are clothes or money. These things mean nothing.
The best thing about Christmas for me is the family dinner and getting to talk to everyone and see how they are, then of course sitting down and having a game of monopoly which everyone things I cheat at!
I don’t – I just buy everything as soon as I can. Great lessons to be learnt with that game around money.
Every single day is the same. You have 24 hours.
What is important to you, you not going to live forever! Find out what makes you want to get up in the morning, what makes you excited.
Then do more of that!
Have a goal in mind that if you like fishing, you plan to make more time to go fishing.
Figure out how much money you need to survive and be able to play golf one day a week.
STOP aiming to have as much money as possible with the goal in mind that you will go fishing when you get there.
What if you never get there? Will you die trying and live with regrets?
Or lets say you do financially well and reach your goal.
Retire at the age of 67 with a shit load of money!💲
But unfortunately, your health isn’t good so the plans you had when you retire have to change.
You watch the golf on the TV instead of actually being there and taking part yourself.
I will say it again! You have one life here on this planet – make the most of it.
The 12 hours a day you have been working for the past 20 years to buy all the stuff you have means nothing!
You may have the money to buy all the great equipment you need to do the things you always wanted – but your body is too old now.
What would you rather people say at your funeral?
Ben had a lovely motorbike in his garage
Ben toured the whole of the UK on that bike and saw some amazing places.
I know which one that make me happy, and just owning a good looking motorbike isn’t enough for me.
I want to use it too.
Avoid A 9to5 Job With a Gap Year
In the UK and a lot of other countries there’s such a thing as a gap year.
I don’t think its common in the US.
A gap year is where someone leaves high school and decides to do something completely different for a year.
Before they start collage.
They give themselves a year to maybe see the world and make new friends.
Having traveled a lot when I was 19 years old, I would say it was one of the best things I ever did.
Just experiencing different cultures and opening up my eyes to the whole wide world in real life.
Not just what you see on the internet or tv.
Trying to communicate with people in Japan, tasting different food in Hong Kong and swapping basketball shirts for baseball caps in Guatemala.
Memories that money cant buy.
When you employed or working for a company, they don’t want to do better. If you do work hard, save your holidays to be able to take them all at once, you can be sure they will find a way to stop that.
I was subcontracting for an electrical business in my local town.
I was offered price work. They told me how may lights that wanted changing and how much I would get for each one.
So for 2 weeks I worked 12 hour days and completed the whole factory of lights.
I think the whole job was planned for 5 weeks. I had to have a machine over the work areas that had to be shut off.
The electrics to the lights had to be turned off too, so really that factory was unable to function whiles I was working there.
From a 5 week plan to 2 weeks you would have thought that both companies would have been happy.
NO – I was called into the office and told to slow down.
Make the jobs last longer. I was earning too much a week compared to the other teams.
That contract phased out. Once they took price work away, there was a lot of hanging around on side doing nothing – I hate that!
That’s the 9to5, 40 hour work week lifestyle for you!
If your good at what you do, your told to slow down.
Then if your given too much to do, your stressed out or work extra hours to keep that boss happy.
Why the hell does 80% of the population choose that path?
Well if your like me and also choose that path when you were young, its not set in stone!
At the age of 36 ish, I started to look into opportunity’s to change my situation.
Although there have been many hurdles I had to overcome and I’m still jumping now, there is one place I started.
How Can I Escape My 9to5 Job?
I invested 2 hours of my life listening to an audio book.
A book of a person that was where I wanted to be. A story of how he got there and the steps he took.
Along the way I have carved out my own path, but knowing the foundations of what I needed to do was critical.
If you check out the same book I read HERE, see if 2 hours can help you break the chains to your 9to5 job.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2022

You should check it out on the Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5 YouTube Channel.
Check it out here =
Were They Wasting their life?
Standing in a car park wasting your life in the middle of traffic, waving your arms back and forward. Even though there’s no other direction to go!
What is the actual point of that job!
I admit, they person is getting paid to just stand there and wave their arms, but what a way to be wasting your life away.
If your going to do anything to earn money, at least do something that’s going to be mentally stimulating – not pay you to be a zombie and waste your life away.
This Is Something We All Go Through
This is what got me thinking and got me to research are there other jobs out there that are a complete waste of time or a pointless job. 
If you need money, I get it you need a job. But go at it with a plan.
A plan to progress up in that career or actually learn something.
Not be a human traffic cone.
When I was younger I went through so many jobs.
Me, my brother and a couple of my friends signed up to an agency.
We basically has a different job every week. As we all know that the job wouldn’t progress anywhere – we didn’t care.
We just got paid to turn up to these pointless jobs.
To be honest we didn’t even do much to get paid. Just being on site and cocking in on the machine was enough.
The Bakery Job
One job we were paid to watch dough in a bakery go along a coveter belt.
It was going straight into a machine and being made into a loaf of bread.
Four of us stood in a line about 10 meters apart.
It was sooooo mind numbing.
Every now and again a piece of dough would come past in the shape of a willy, then one with a face print…
The faceprint you could tell who it was, so that job only lasted a week.😀
Nothing happened though, there were rails for the dough not to fall off – why the hell were we even there!
Order Picking On The Agency - Wasting Your Life 
If you work in a factory where you are in charge or the order pickers. DO NOT have agency workers – They don’t care.
The fulltime pickers who take the job serious and don’t race around on the pallet trucks, they must be brain dead.
Getting a list of items and picking it from a warehouse to be sent out every day for a week was enough for me.
The fact that it was Easter and we were picking Easter eggs too.😋
Four 18 year old lads………
Yep, we ate a lot of them.
You Need To Start Somewhere
These types of jobs are proper ground level. If you going to do them have a plan to move up at least.
I have a friend who started out picking years ago, now he is the manager. That’s what you want to do.
But I suppose its down to the individual and how they choose to waste their life.
Some people are happy standing there all day sticking straw to the Capri sun juice cartons. To go home every week with £500 for 10 years.
Others want the world. A credit card that got no limits, a bathroom you can play baseball in.
But you have to be prepared to work for it with ambition and drive.
The thing is you don’t need a big ambition or a lot of drive, you just need some.
Some can turn into a lot over time slowly.
DONT Keep Wasting Your Life 
I think I have always had a huge ambition, maybe too big sometimes.
But I when I want something, I aim for it and try really hard to get there.
Small things like I wanted to take up snowboarding, so did some lessons and started to go every year.
I wanted to ride a stupidly fast motorbike, so did my full license and bought a fast bike.
I wanted to quit being an electrician, so looked into things and quit to earn a living online.
My partner always says to me what’s next? When are you going to be happy?
That’s the thing, I am happy. I just find things that can make me happier and I think everyone should do the same.
This might be a bit of a jump, but for some reason I want a helicopter license.
I know how much its going to cost and where I can do it.
I haven’t actually pulled the trigger on that one yet.
People say I’m a dreamer and have a crazy imagination.
Yes I am!
I don’t just want to dream, I don’t just want to imagine – I want to make all my dreams come true.
I want to make everyone’s dreams come true.
But you can help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.
Like the person being paid to be a human traffic cone.
I hope they have a bigger plan than just standing in a carpark waving their arms.
Maybe they are trying to save up enough money to get a computer to create a YouTube channel of how to break dance.
Saving to investing some training on publishing their own book.
Anything – just something to get them away from standing there all day.
There are so many options out there on the internet.
I made a video on 5 entrepreneurs who made a successful business from their crazy idea.
You should check it out on the Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5 YouTube Channel.
Check it out here =
Have a think, is your job a painless job? Or can it actually make your life better by going somewhere?
In this podcast, I'm sharing with you a list of jobs that are a waste of your life and time.
These jobs won't help you progress in your career or make you any money, and they'll actually take away from your quality of life.
Don't let yourself be stuck in a job you hate! Instead, make a list of the things that are important to you and start doing something for yourself. You'll be happier and more fulfilled in the long run!

Friday Oct 07, 2022

The UK economy 2022 is failing – Whichever way the government make it look or sound.
Start by checking out this FREE Download
Avoid The Pitfalls - Downlead
The bottom line is that its going down hill, and going fast!
Why? What happened to put us in this position and what can we do to help ourselves in the current economy crisis?
Where It All Began?
It all started back in 2019 when the UK was slow to react to the pandemic.
This forced the whole of the UK to go into lockdown.
LOCKDOWN!!! How crazy was that?
Business were forced to close their doors and stop trading with no choose, because it was illegal to open.
This is where it all began………
A number of company’s not just in the UK, but all over the world suffered because of this.
They had no other option but to cease trading because the money had just run out.
However the government decided to create a bounce back loan.
For a businesses that did manage to reopen, they were given money to help them get back on their feet.
A life line, there was light at the end of the tunnel at last.✨
The UK in 2020 itself was in £2069 billion pounds worth of debt already. How the hell they pulled that one off – god knows.
Then came along another challenge.
The War in Ukraine.
I personally went out to Poland to take some supplies to the people of Ukraine.
Along the way I met so many people from all over the world pulling together to help as much as they could.
Credit to the human race for that.
But back the UK economy crisis for now.
Why did the war in Ukraine effect the UK?
It didn’t just effect the UK. It effected the whole world.
Because of who Ukraine is at war with – Russia.
Typically Norway is the largest supplier of gas to the UK. But Russia does contribute to it too.  
Cutting out the trading with Russia has boosted the fuel prices sky high.
This had a knock on effect with the logistics of transport of goods all over the UK.
Boosting the price of everything up, even food in the supermarkets.
The Cost Of Fuel
With most of our vehicles in the UK being powered by fuel, you can understand why company’s had to cover the costs.
It’s the big company’s such as BP, Shell and British Gas only went and rubbed the population of the UK nose in it by announcing the tripling profits it made from the price increase.
It really does feel like there is a separation of classes in the world, when the already rich and wealthy make even more money.
When the people who nurse us back to health, teach our children in schools and the workmen who build houses for us to live in, struggle to pay the bills.
It’s a no win situation for the UK to be in.
Imagine if 10k people decided not to pay their energy bills.
What would happen?
You would be cut off, then freeze to death
Someone would be employed to collect the debt from you.
There would be 100s of court cases all over the UK. Who will be paying the judges and the court fees – Your tax money.
Now I understand that running a country is a tough job, this is why we have had a number of Prime ministers quit when the going get tough already.
But come on! There is defiantly a batter solution to the current one we have.
The cost of living in the UK is going up, not slowly like it has don’t over the years. Rapidly – so fast that the current wages that people are paid don’t anywhere near support their current life style.
We jump through all the hopes we are told to.
Go to school and get a good education
Attend university with a government loan
Struggle to find a job because all your experience and qualifications are text book.
Finally get a job and start a family of your own
With the saving you have, because you studied hard and worked your way up the corporate ladder, maybe have a holiday a year
Say goodbye to that one holiday a year you looked forward to.
Now there’s a choice, holiday or heating!
After the announcement of 45 billion pounds of unfunded tax cuts the British pound to fall to it lowest level ever against the US dollar.
Disrupting the markets and forcing the bank of England to react with higher interest rates even more.
Whos Fault Is The UK Economy Crisis
From a government that is less than a  few weeks, been in charge.
You would think they would want to make a good first impression instead of the complete opposite.
Its though by a lot of people that all this will push the UK into recession.
Really? Do you not think we are there already?
After everything that’s going on with the UK Economy and the state it in, I struggle to believe that there’s much we can do about it.
Plan For The Future Of The UK Economy 
Something that has always stuck with me is Fail to Plan – Plan to fail.
So you need to come up with a plan to thrive when all this plays it course.
Don’t limit yourself to the UK economy getting better.
With the internet at our finger tips with have the opportunity to be able to build a business that can acquire customers from all over the world.
With being able to make money online from anywhere in the world you will be less effected by the state of the UK economy.
Lets be honest, its not looking like it going to get any better anytime soon.
Start by checking out this FREE Download 
Avoid The Pitfalls - Downlead
The download is 100% free.
Give it a read and see how you can come out of this recession on top.

Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

Make sure you are by joining my group on Facebook.
You can access it here - Affiliate Success - Break the Chains
I will see you there – make sure you say Hi 😀
This isn’t something that’s new being poor and in poverty . It been happening for years but some people have been able to break away from working to live.
A job or a career is looked at a life style. As something your labeled as:
Ben the electrician
Dave the plumber
Sarah the hairdresser.
Don’t you want to be remembered for something better in life, then just the career you choose when you were a teenager?
Conditioned To Be Poor And In Poverty
Think about when you were at school and you were taught to be a “good” student.
Answer the questions in a specific way, the way that you had been taught in the lesson all year.
Never told to think outside the box and be creative and invent new ideas of solutions that could actually be a better method.
No! You were told to do things a certain way, then if you dared to try something different – you got in trouble.
Most of the time taught by a teacher who is Poor and in Poverty too.
Either that or your friends would take the mick out of you if it failed.
There was an experiment a lecturer did once. He wrote a number or equations on the board in front of a class.
1 x 8 = 8
2 x 8 = 16
3 x 8 = 24
Until he got to 10 x 8 =81
He turned round to the class and they were laughing.
There’s a lesson to be leant there.
All the way up to 10 x 8 the class just sat and watched, they said noting.
As soon as they spotted a mistake – they laughed.🤣
Didn’t correct him, just decided to make fun of the 1 he got wrong.
Although the 9 he got correct, there wasn’t any comment.
That’s what wrong with society these days. We are mate to feel ashamed or stupid every time we do something wrong.
This is what stops us wanting to take any risks in life, there fore stay poor and in poverty.
Fear of failure!
So what do most of us do? Follow what we are told and get a job working for someone else and work out way up in the company.
When there is a unique 12 year old girl who decided to do what she wanted and make crazy videos you YouTube to eventually earn in a week what I did in a year.
The thing is it’s the easy route getting a 9 to 5 job. You turn up – do your 8 hours and get paid a wage.
Every month the same. So you can budget your lifestyle around that.
Once you get to a position you have a mortgage, car finance and 3 credit cards you use for holiday – its even more of a risk to change that cycle.
Things Can Change If You Want Then To
If things were to change from when we were young.
We were told to be creative and encouraged that when we fail, we learn from it. That what didn’t work – we wont do that again.
I think the would could be filled with so many great solutions to a number of problems we have created around the world over the years.
Take electric cars for example. Did you know the idea came about in 1890.
Ok it only did 14mph so didn’t really take off.
But that idea never evolved until Elon Musk released the Roadster in 2008.
With environment issues getting noticed all over the world – Electric cars were seen as a solution.
And now in 2022 nearly every brand of car has bought out and electric model.
I would love to know what actually happened in 1890 and why the electric car never evolved all these years ago.
I would guess that because the petrol cars in 1890 did 35mph, the electric one got put on the shelf.
Break The Cycle Of Being Poor
There are more and more people beginning to think outside the box these days.
From people building a you tube channel around reviews on products and making a huge amount of money to another person helping others get better sleep as a business.
Both entrepreneurs who I have interviewed on my podcast may I ad, so go check those interviews out.

Benjamin Poulter

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